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Installing PGI

PGI Compiler Suite Installation at UCL§

UCL has two floating licences for PGI Fortran/C/C++ Server for Linux, purchased primarily for building Gaussian 03 and Gaussian 09 on UCL computers. To install follow the procedure below. If you are installing on a system outside the Institutional Firewall, please connect to the UCL VPN service first.

  • Download version 13.9 or 11.9 from the UCL Software Database on your Linux system in a empty directory. You will need to login with your UCL userid and password.
  • Untar the installer files using:
tar xvzf pgilinux-2013-139.tar.gz
  • Run the installer as root and follow the instructions:
  • During the installation you will be asked: Do you wish to generate license keys? (y/n) - Enter n as you will need to use the central UCL licence server.

  • Add the PGI Suite bin directory to your PATH. The default location used by the installer is /opt/pgi/linux86-64/13.9/bin.

  • Open access to TCP ports 27000 and 27055 in your local firewall and any departmental firewall.
  • Setup access to the licence server by setting the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable. Use either:

  • Use the second version if you have other licence managers already defined.

The PGI compilers should now be installed and working.