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OpenBLAS provides CBLAS, BLAS and LAPACK.

There are versions compiled for the Intel and GNU compilers.

With the default modules loaded:

module load openblas/0.2.14/intel-2015-update2

module show on the OpenBLAS module will display that $OPENBLASROOT is set, so you can use this in your link line if the library is not picked up automatically.

Linking OpenBLAS§

  • Our OpenBLAS modules now contain symlinks for libblas and liblapack that both point to libopenblas. This means that the default -lblas -llapack link options, that some programs try to use when building, will work.

This is how you would normally link OpenBLAS:

-L${OPENBLASROOT}/lib -lopenblas

If code you are compiling requires separate entries for BLAS and LAPACK, set them both to -lopenblas.

OpenBLAS and OpenMP warning§

If you are running a threaded program and get this warning:

OpenBLAS Warning : Detect OpenMP Loop and this application may hang. Please rebuild the library with USE_OPENMP=1 option.

Then tell OpenBLAS to use only one thread by adding this to your jobscript (this overrides $OMP_NUM_THREADS for OpenBLAS):


If it is your code, you can also set it with the function

void openblas_set_num_threads(int num_threads);