Running ROOT on Legion

ROOT has been installed on Legion primarily because it is required by a number of R add-on packages. It is also available for batch use in its own right and for short interactive runs (less than 15 minutes execution time) on the Login nodes. A number of versions are available including 5.34.14 and 5.34.09.

You need to load the following modules to use ROOT: ```

module unload compilers/intel/11.1/072
module unload mpi/qlogic/1.2.7/intel
module unload mkl/10.2.5/035
module add compilers/gnu/4.6.3
module add fftw/3.3.1/double/gnu.4.6.3
module load gsl/1.15/gnu.4.6.3
module load root/5.34.14/gnu.4.6.3

ROOT can now be run interactively using:


or in batch mode running a script:

root -b -q myMacro.C > myMacro.out

In the above example the ROOT script is read from file *myMacro.C* and output saved to file *myMacro.out*. Type:

man root

``` for further details about the root command. Extensive documentation is available on the ROOT website.

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