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Account Services§

Cluster access application§


Check our Status page and Planned outages to see current status of clusters. Accounts cannot be created while clusters are down and will be carried out once they are back up.

There is a single online form for applying to the majority of our clusters. Use of these services is subject to a common set of terms and conditions. All granted applications give you a Myriad account while access to other systems depends on what types of work you tell us you will be doing.

Account sponsors§

If you are a student or postdoctoral researcher, your application must be approved by a permanent member of staff (normally your supervisor or PI). This will be automatically determined when you begin your application, and when you submit it, an email will be sent to this person asking them to approve the application before the account can be created.

Please note that the form requires your sponsor's UCL username and not their UPI.

Permanent members of staff do not need a sponsor and their accounts will be automatically approved.

Apply for an account§

The online application form can be found here:

You will need a UCL user name and password. These are the same credentials used to access core services like Portico and HR systems.

Application process§

The application process has these steps:

  1. Enter your UCL username and password to access the application form.

  2. Complete the application form, reading the instructions carefully. Tip: hover your mouse over text boxes for more information.

  3. When you successfully submit the form, your sponsor will be sent an email message asking them to approve your application. If you do not require a sponsor, your application will be automatically approved.

  4. Your sponsor should click on the link in the email, log in and approve the account.

  5. You will then receive an email when your account is approved, if you have a sponsor. (This does not mean your account has been created yet).

  6. You should receive an email once we have created your account. Please note that there may be a delay of up to one working day between an application being approved and your account being created.

If your sponsor does not receive the email to approve your account, send them the link to your application directly (it will look like and there will be a button at the top to approve it.

Please note: most delays in the application process are caused by sponsors missing or not receiving the approval email, so check with your sponsor first if your application is stuck waiting for approval. Research Computing can only create your account after it is approved.

Accounts for visitors§

UCL visitors are welcome to apply for accounts on Research Computing Services. Please note that:

  1. Applicants must have a central UCL account. UCL Visitor accounts can be arranged by your Departmental Administrator, so you should speak to them first.
  2. Account applications should specify the UCL grant under which the work is being carried out, if possible, as well as an associated UCL Group or Researcher.
  3. Account applications may not be submitted on behalf of another, except to cover accessibility requirements, as the account application process includes agreeing to relevant legal terms and conditions.

Accounts for Honorary staff§

UCL Staff Members may nominate Honorary members (named individuals) to be provided with access to Research Computing services where this is beneficial to UCL's research interests.

Nomination should be made via the CRAG, explaining the benefit arising to UCL.

Proposals will be reviewed by the CRAG at their monthly meeting and on a case by case basis.

All accounts thus provided are subject to all other 'standard' T&C's relating to their use of Research Computing Services.

Charges for use of Research Computing services§

Research Computing services are free at point of use by default. There are no direct charges for your usage under standard resource allocation policy as defined by the CRAG.

Several methods are available to researchers who wish to gain access to additional resources, or obtain 'priority' use, including chargeable options. Details are available at Additional Resource_Requests and Purchasing in Myriad.