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The Research Computing team currently runs 2 supported instances of RStudio:

Troubleshooting and problem pre-emption§

For all of the services, please take care to either run q() in the R window or press the red logout button in the top right hand corner when you are done with the window, DO NOT just close the tab. This decreases the chance of there being stale sessions and future issues with logging in.

Not being able to reach the landing (login) page§

If you cannot reach the landing page, then please first try getting there using private browsing and if that works then clear your cookies and cache. In most browsers you can do this for a certain time range, though look at the documentation for the browser you are using.

R session not starting or RStudio Initialisation Error§

If you get an error pop-up RStudio Initialisation Error: Unable to connect to service or an ever-spinning loading screen you can try and resolve the problem using one of the methods below or get in touch with RC support.

There are 2 courses of action for the 2 supported services:

  • Economics RStudio service: ssh into Myriad and change the name of or delete a folder located at:


  • Data Science Platform RStudio Pro teaching service: This service shares home directories with the central Unix services so you need to do:

    1. login to either Socrates ( or Aristotle ( via SSH. If you don't know how to do this there are istructions here: l,ogging in via SSH
    2. Change directory to ~/.local/share:

      cd ~/.local/share

    3. delete the rstudio folder:

      rm -rf rstudio

    4. It is worth testing if you can login to RStudio after the last step. If you still cannot login, delete the folllowing directory as well:

      cd ~/.rstudio

      rm -rf sessions

    5. logout.

If doing this doesn't resolve your issues, get in touch with RC support .