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Status of machinesยง

This page outlines that status of each of the machines managed by the Research Computing team at UCL. We endeavour to keep this page as up-to-date as possible but there might be some delay. Also there are spontaneous errors that we have to deal with (i.e. high load on login nodes) but feel free to report them to Finally, details of our planned outages can be found here.


  • We are working to add new hardware to alleviate some of the load issues but this will take time to implement and test.

  • There was a disk failure on Myriad at 1:30am, it is currently being rebuilt.


  • All systems are working well.


  • Some of the work nodes were looking at the incorrect /home which was causing read write permission errors.

  • There is a small number of nodes that are being re-booted.


  • All systems are working well.


  • Systems generally fine but the hardware is dated with respect to the other systems so there may be some read write errors.